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Philip Avery Putter - Commodity Broker in New York

Philip Avery Putter - Commodity Futures & Options, Execution & Clearing

Philip Avery Putter

Philip Avery Putter Background

Philip Avery Putter a commodity broker in New York,  began his career in 1992 on the commodity exchange floor located at 4 World Trade Center.  In 2001 Avery opened his own floor operation on The New York Board of Trade, providing execution services in sugar, coffee, cotton and cocoa commodity futures market.

With the transformation of execution from the floor to electronic trading in 2008, Avery expanded his expertise to brokering natural gas OTC options. He quickly realized that these principles could be expanded to include sugar, coffee, cotton and cocoa commodity options. 

Avery Putter today facilitates a broad spectrum of commodity execution as well as commodity clearing services. He provides exceptional liquidity and price discovery to institutional clients, banks, fund to funds and hedge funds. Avery’s experience and skill executing commodity futures & Option markets has made him a valuable member of Sweet Futures.

Futures & Options Execution

Avery Putter specializes in brokering tailored commodity options structures across all commodity futures markets. Avery's main focus is Soft and Agricultural Commodity markets with emphasis on:

Sugar Options/Coffee Options/Cotton Options/Cocoa Options/Lean hog Options/Live Cattle Options/Feeder Cattle Options

Aside from providing execution in the markets, Avery does offer online commodity trading execution across the whole commodity spectrum.

Commodity Market Coverage Includes:

ICE Futures US:
Sugar Options/Coffee Options/Cotton Options/Cocoa Options
NYMEX | ICE Futures Europe:
Energy WTI/Brent Crude Options/Natural Gas Options/RBOB Options/Heating Oil Options
COMEX Metals
Gold Options/Silver Options/Copper Options/Platinum Options

CME Livestock
Lean Hog Options/Live Cattle Options/Feeder Cattle Options
CME Financials
Currency Options/Treasury Options/Equity Index Options/FX Options
CBOT Grains
Soybean Options/Corn Options/Wheat Options/Soy Meal Options